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Water Damage

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Water Damage San Diego

Whether You Are Experiencing a Flood or Suspect Hidden Water Damage, EZ DRY FLOOD DAMAGE in San Diego Can Help!

If you have not experienced water damage, chances are that you have encountered someone who has. Flooding and water damage can happen at any time and there is no surefire way to protect your home our business from a flood event. Drains overflow, burst pipes and water heaters will happen, and heavy rains can cause flooding. That is why we began EZ DRY FLOOD DAMAGE to help you with all of your water damage services in San Diego. 

Having the proper resources to extract water from your home or business in the event of a backup, burst pipe, or freak accident, is crucial to minimizing damage. When flooding occurs, a normal shop vacuum becomes inefficient. We use professional grade portable and non-portable water extraction systems to remove the water, sanitize hard surfaces, and minimize secondary damages (mold growth and structural damage).

Our portable flood extractor is ideal for tight spaces, and multi-level dwellings such as: apartments, offices, hotels, factories, and commercial high rises. Truck mount systems are great for removing sewage, soil, and chemicals. Suction power is stronger, and water gets heated to a higher degree, which is important when dealing with category 3 water damage situations.

Hot Water Extraction                              

Sanitize hard surfaces                                 

Test Surface for pathogens (depending on source)                                 



You Must Get Rid of Water and Sewage, Fast!

Even if the source of the flooding is clean, like a broken water line, if it’s not removed as soon as possible, it can lead to all sorts of trouble. The most obvious one is property damage. The water can soak into different places, damaging the structure and making it unsafe for use.

A more serious concern is the health risks that can arise from water damage. Excess moisture can lead to an environment that is perfect for microorganisms, such as mold and bacteria. If the source of the flooding is something like a toilet overflow, the risk is even higher.

We Can Help With Water Extraction

Removing all that water is the first step to solving your overflow or flooding problem. Before you can complete repairs to plumbing or other structures, the area must be fully dried. Water extraction service is the first crucial step to remedying your home or business issue and preventing more costly damage.

Using industrial water extraction pumps, we can quickly remove the flooding on your property. We can also provide an accurate and comprehensive assessment on what repairs and restoration work might need to be done in the affected area.

If you have any questions about flooding, have a water damage in San Diego, you can trust our team of specialists. We provide remediation, moisture detection, water extraction, mold remediation, and structural drying services for residential and commercial customers.

We Help With Insurance 

We work for you, our customer. That means, we will help you to maximize your coverage and fight to ensure you get the most from your insurance claim. Our team has extensive experience, use industry standard pricing through Xactimate, and will work directly with your insurance adjuster. 

EZ DRY FLOOD DAMAGE is committed to creating an excellent customer experience during a stressful repair and recovery process. We prioritize communication and education every step of the way, which has resulted in satisfied customers for many years.

For fast and effective water damage services in San Diego and the surrounding areas, call 858 524 3297 and let us help you restore your property with stress free and exceptional customer care. 

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