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Hydro Jetting

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Hydro Jetting

Got a blocked drain that is refusing to unclog no matter what? Call EZ Dry to blow the blow the blockage away with a powerful hydro jet now.

The Problems with Drain Clogs

Having a clogged drain in your house is no small matter. Not only does it inconvenience you and prevent you from doing everyday household chores, it can also flood your house down.

If you allow the water to settle and do not deal with it in time, it can cause mold to grow inside your house, which is detrimental to the health and wellbeing of all those who live inside. It also brings down the value of your house, as does the long-term damage to the foundations caused by the settled water.

Thus, you should deal with a clogged drain as soon as you realize it is blocked. However, this can prove a tricky prospect. Sometimes, the blockage is so deep down inside your drain lines, that it is physically impossible to reach it by hand.

How to Deal With a Hard-to-reach Blockage

If the blockage is too deep down to reach by hand, many people resort to using corrosive chemicals to clear their drain. However, this is not a good idea. Rather than clearing the blockage, these harmful chemicals can further damage your drain lines, especially if they comprise of metal. And if the chemicals find their way into the ground, they can cause damage to the environment as well.

Even after all of this, using chemicals is not a sure-fire way to clear your drain. With no guarantee of clearing the drain, there is no point of endangering the environment by using corrosive chemicals for this purpose. Instead, you should employ EZ Dry’s reputable plumbing service to blast away the blockage with our state of the art hydro jetting equipment.

How Hydro Jetting Clears Your Drains Quickly

EZ Dry offers a quick, effective, and eco-friendly alternative to using harmful chemicals to clear your drain. Our cutting edge hydro jetting equipment creates a high-pressure stream of water that can reach the deepest of blockages with ease.

The jet of water strikes against the blockage with enough force to disintegrate it into many smaller pieces. The water stream then washes away these small particles and removes the blockage in your drain. With only a quick few bursts, we clear all the blockages in your drain in a matter of minutes.

Why Choose EZ Dry to Clear Your Drains?

The If you live in the San Diego county area, there is no better option than EZ Dry. With years of servicing our clients diligently, we have made a name for providing the best plumbing services and for always leaving our clients completely satisfied.

When you choose EZ Dry for your residential plumbing needs, you get a trained, experienced, licensed and insured plumber for the job. We are proud of our talented plumbers who are able to tackle all plumbing problems with ease and implement the best plumbing solutions that last. At EZ Dry, we do the job right the first time, so you do not have to call the plumbers over and over again for the same problem.

Choose excellence. Choose EZ Dry!

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