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Concrete core drilling service Kansas city

Get the Best Concrete Core Drilling Service in Kansas City

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials in construction, thanks to its versatility and properties. It can be used in different preparations, using additives, or even with internal iron structures to increase its hardness and durability. However, once it dries, you may need to drill it to make installations.

This type of work can be challenging, given the characteristics of the material. It requires extensive experience and the right tools for top-quality drilling. You are wise to count on the top-of-the-line concrete core drilling service for your Kansas City project provided by KC Coring & Cutting. It is essential you know what this type of service is, its applications, and what extraordinary advantages you will get.

What is Professional Concrete Core Drilling?

This advanced technology allows removing or eliminating a cylinder (core) of material from a surface like a roof, floor, or wall. The procedure can even be used on other structural materials like granite or asphalt. There are several applications for which you can hire a professional core drilling service, including:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Wiring
  • Pipe installation
  • Tie-ins
  • Roadway & slab holes
  • Drains
  • Natural and artificial lighting

In other cases, core drilling can be used to extract material for the analysis of soil samples. It is also useful if you want to know the conditions of a structure by analyzing the material.

Count on a Top Concrete Core Drilling Service

The professional concrete companies allow the exact drilling of your surfaces for your projects. These experts have specialized tools, including drills made of unique materials, like diamonds, to complete precise cuts. Besides, the operators have extensive experience, and the best companies such as KC Coring & Cutting are OSHA certified. Our OSHA certification guarantees you quality concrete drilling fast with the industry's best safety practices.

Traditional drilling techniques bring many working disadvantages. The edge of the surface can be damaged, compromising the outcome of the project. Also, it is a procedure that releases silica dust, and this can damage the eyes or the respiratory system. The best core drilling companies use wet cutting techniques to increase safety and offer high-quality drilling.

Finally, keep in mind that you can make different diameters and depths with a top-notch KC core drilling service. With a standard tool, you can make drilling no deeper than 27 inches. On the other hand, if you prefer our services, you can achieve holes from a quarter-inch up to 66″ at any depth. We even have specialized equipment that will allow us to meet your unique and more extraordinary needs.

Advantages of Concrete Core Drilling Service

Minimal Disturbance

The most advanced techniques of core drilling are of low impact. Because it is a non-percussive process, vibrations are minimal, and this offers top-quality drilling. The low vibration prevents the rest of the structure from being fatigued and its stability from being compromised. Waste control prevents the spread of dust, keeping people and animals safe. Finally, a professional drilling project will prevent damage to your home, business, or office furniture.


The best concrete drilling services use the latest equipment allowing fast and effective techniques. Thanks to the use of a diamond coating, it is possible to achieve almost immediate results. With an elite company like KC Coring & Cutting, we will make the holes you need for your project in no time.


Using top concrete core drilling services will save you from buying tools you might use only a couple of times. Also, professional service guarantees that the rest of the structure will not be damaged. Keep in mind that some installations in the walls and ceilings could be damaged by inexperience. The drilling services analyze the structure and do the drilling avoiding previous installations and avoiding unforeseen costs.

If you work in the construction industry, a top-notch drilling service is an extraordinary commercial ally. This service will significantly cut your labor and equipment costs. You will also be able to work faster and increase your annual projects, growing your profitability.

Lean on the Best

If you're looking for the best concrete core drilling service in Kansas City, you're in the right place. KC Coring & Cutting is the pioneer of the industry in the region, and we are at your service. With over 41 years of experience, we are ready to give you world-class service at the most competitive price. Contact us; we will be happy to support you!

Concrete core drilling service Kansas city

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