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3M Window Film

3M Window Film

3M Window Film

Windows are, no doubt, an asset in any home; they let in natural light and allow occupants to enjoy beautiful views without stepping out of the room. However, windows also admit heat and this could imply a higher electricity bill during the summer months. Plus, the rays from the sun could shorten the lifespan of carpets and household furniture. To prevent these issues, you’ll need a window covering that’ll minimize heat penetration without compromising the numerous advantages of windows. Enter 3M window films.

3M Window films are about the best window coverings around. They deliver superior sun protection, impressive temperature control, adequate privacy, and security, alongside stunning aesthetics. If you desire the complete package for your windows, you can’t go wrong with choosing our team for 3M safety and security film installation in Texas. In case you’re still unconvinced, here are some of the superior benefits of 3M window films:

Energy Savings Via Temperature Control

3M window films significantly reduce solar heat gain, especially during the summer. Consequently, homeowners can save energy and reduce cooling costs by up to 30%. The films also have fade reduction features that block harmful UV rays from the sun, thereby preserving the lifespan of your carpet and furniture.

Safety and Security

3M window films for safety prevents intruders from scanning the contents of your home from a distance. Even when they try to come in, the film prevents easy entry via window panes and glass doors. Furthermore, security window film installation can help hold your panes in place to minimize the effect of accidents or extreme weather conditions on your glass.

Enjoy The Benefits of Natural Light

Another important, albeit understated benefit of 3M window films is that they can reduce your dependence on artificial light. The films can redirect natural light up to forty feet deeper into your home. Thus, they’re an efficient means of reducing lighting energy usage without spending a fortune on light shelves.

Superior Privacy

3M window films have low interior reflectivity and higher exterior reflectivity. As a result, people trying to peek from outside will see very little while you’ll still maintain a clear view of your exterior environment. There’s surely no better way to enjoy optimum privacy without compromising your breathtaking views.

Contact The Best Window Film Dealers and Installers in Texas

Are you interested in installing 3M window films for your residential or commercial building? Then, you should give us a call at Epic Solar Control. Our custom 3M Sun Control Night Vision Series promise heat rejection, enhanced privacy, and better views during the day and at night. Homeowners will enjoy 99% UV rejection and total energy savings of up to 72%.

What’s more? We also have numerous reliable window tinting and installation experts on our team, and you can trust us to provide expert advice on the best kind of window film for your building. So, reach out to us to ask for a quote or a free consultation, and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.

3M Window Film

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3M Window Film

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